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Our Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program is a 24-hour live-in program structured to meet the individualized needs of the clients

Here’s Help operates under a self-help behavior modification treatment philosophy addressing drug and alcohol addictions of every variety. Evidenced based best practices are used. Substance use disorder issues are dealt with through a comprehensive continuum of care including, but not limited to, case management, individual and group therapy, family counseling, psycho-educational programming, full-time accredited schooling, alternative therapies (G.E.D. preparation classes, music, photography, graphic design, culinary arts, plumbing, and computer literacy), job-readiness assistance and vocational placement, referral options, medical and psychological care, relapse prevention, continuing care counseling, and a foundation in a 12-step or other support system.

In 2022-2023, treatment tracks were delivered in four-to-six months and managed by a team of highly qualified, licensed and degreed treatment specialists that link individuals served to a variety of beneficial services provided by Here’s Help or through the agency’s extensive community partnerships.

Group, individual, and family therapy sessions are provided as well as educational, vocational, and recreational programming. At intake clients are assessed on their ability to pay for treatment based on their income and number of dependents. Based on that assessment, over the past few years the number of indigent clients has averaged between 75 and 85%. In conjunction with guidance from our accrediting agency, CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities), we have an ongoing outcome management program that tracks program effectiveness, program efficiency, and consumer satisfaction.

Specifically, some of the outcome measures include:

  • Percentage of clients successfully completing treatment.

  • Percentage of clients completing treatment that are in school.

  • Percentage of clients staying arrest free 90 days after discharge.

Here's Help Day

Residential Living

24-hour live-in program • Security lighting • Alarms • Cameras • 24/7 Staff • Clean • Medical • Quality Food • Education

Residential Process


The client will receive a substance abuse and mental health evaluation by Central Intake or the Here's Help admissions coordinator.


If the client meets the criteria, the client will be put on the waitlist to enter the residential program. If there is no waitlist, the individual can expect to be admitted within 48-72 hours.


If the client meets the criteria but is presenting with withdrawal symptoms, the client will have to complete detoxification treatment before admission.


Upon bed availability or completion of detoxification, the admissions coordinator will contact the client and coordinate an admission date.


On the admission date, the client will arrive with his belongings and complete the admission documents to enter the program.

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