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Our History

Here’s Help, Inc. opened its doors in 1969

It has evolved into South Florida’s premiere facility, providing Residential, Outpatient, and In-Home therapies for young adults ages 13 and older, who are experiencing minimal to moderate substance abuse or co-occurring issues. We are firmly committed to the concept that if a person is chemically dependent, he or she can, with compassionate and professional help, learn to live a productive and responsible drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. Eclectic services are provided at our residential and outpatient treatment facility in Opa-Locka and the outpatient care center in South Miami-Dade.

Upon Residential program admission, our team of highly qualified specialists develop an individualized treatment plan for each client, which will include individual and group therapy goals, vocational objectives, family counseling, alternative therapy interventions (music, photography, and computer graphics), case management, referral options, relapse prevention, continuing care counseling, and a foundation in a 12-step or other support system. Treatment tracks are delivered in four-to-six months and are managed by 23 full-time and 2 part-time employees serving 300 clients annually.

Recognizing our tremendous contribution to the field of chemical dependency, we’ve received funding from the Department of Children and Families (now through Thriving Mind South Florida / South Florida Behavioral Health Network) since our inception, and have been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation and Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) for over 28 years. During the most recently completed fiscal year, 69% of juveniles and 61% of the adults successfully completed residential, 78% of the juveniles and 71% of the adults successfully completed our outpatient program and 100% of the clients successfully completed our In-Home program. Legendary success for Here’s Help is attributed to designing every phase of our program with a thorough understanding of the needs of our clients.

For our residential program, we’ve expended considerable financial resources to construct a creative learning environment housed in state-of-the-art facilities. This includes a computer technology center, culinary arts kitchen, fitness center, recreational field, media and entertainment auditorium, a plumbing school and a cafeteria accommodating up to 75 clients. Program participation requires that adolescents attend daily core educational classes through the Miami Dade County School System and encourages young adults to complete their GED.

Pursuing a career of dedicated service, Ex CEO John J. Kross, Jr was involved in the development of the agency for more than 50 years, utilizing his notoriety as one of South Florida’s most recognized on-air personalities (A.K.A. “Footy” of WHYI Y-100.7 & WIOD News radio 610, Clear Channel Communications) to promote and raise funds for the organization. In addition to John Kross, the late Sam Zocco and the current CEO, Steve Safron, also dedicated over 50 years of their lives to make Here’s Help into the great program it has become today.

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