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Here's Help Alumni

Pablo St. Charles

I started Here’s Help, Inc. on September 2014. My mind set was to just do my time and get back to my life. When I reached my 2nd month of being at Here’s Help, my mind set changed. The staff helped me realize where I was and where my life is heading. While at Here’s Help, I joined the Culinary Program where I received training and it prepared me for my first job. I have a lot of respect for Here’s Help. Until this day, I am never too busy to stop by and say hello to all the people that helped me turned my life around.

Mario Pelaez

My name is Mario Pelaez and I was a student at Here’s Help residential and outpatient program. I was admitted to the residential program on March 16, 2013 and graduated September 27, 2014. This program was not just awesome, it was a big step into my recovery. For example, John Kross himself, always provided me with tools and resources to succeed in life.

I really do not know where I would be if it wasn’t for the amazing staff here and the program provided. Initially, I was skeptical about this program because it meant having to isolate myself from the world, temporarily; I couldn’t talk to my real friends and felt alone at first but I knew that this was much needed. I joined the culinary program here, and I instantly fell in love with it. I graduated culinary with my food handler’s safety license and a diploma from Chef Danny Trujillo himself. He wasn’t just a mentor but he was also a friend and someone I could run to when my day was not just going right.

I was deeply in love with drugs and now I see they were a waste of time and honestly a waste of money. It has been an amazing experience working with Footy starting from working as an intern at the WQAM station on Sunday mornings and being called “Mario, the midnight love machine” what really helped me work on my leadership skills was that I was able to become appointed the basketball captain and coach.

That stepped up my role in regards of helping my fellow peers by playing smarter, faster, and harder.After residential, I was court ordered to do an outpatient program so why not continue my treatment at Here’s Help. Mr. Mean Green Machine Jean wasn’t just a phenomenal counselor, he was also a loyal friend. He cares about every single student in this program, the love and compassion that outpatient shows us is just outstanding!!!!

Here’s Help stands by its name and we refuse to let anyone slip through the cracks without trying to break our back for that person.Ever since I’ve graduated the program I started working for Here’s Help as an administrative assistant. The staff at Here’s Help has seen and commented on my progress and my potential to keep on doing better for myself and others. During my next semester at Miami Dade College I will be studying to be a substance abuse counselor.

My goal is to empower others so that they too may develop that same drive to do better in their life and succeed past their own expectations like the staff did here for me. I am 21 years old and I’m not getting much younger. Therefore, I must remain vigilant, so that I may maintain my sobriety and continue moving forward in life until I get to where I want to be. My life was not just a walk in the park, and neither are the lives of my peers whom which I shared my time with here.

We all have our issues but one common goal we all have is the desire to better our lives and show people we can function as recovering addicts in the “real” world.I will always remember Here’s Help as a new chapter of my new life and the starting point in which to become someone big one day. If you cannot love this program, you honestly do not know what you’re missing out on. I love my life, and most importantly I love myself.

I am forever in debt to the staff and this program. I came to believe that a power greater than myself that can restore me to sanity, and that power is Here’s Help. It is my anchor and my sanctuary. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my message of hope and recovery. We are always a phone call away to help anyone out with their substance abuse problem. I’m proud to be an alumni.

Jonathan Polanco

Jonathan is one of our favorite alumni. After successfully completing the Here’s Help Residential Program, he still comes back to help with the music classes and also the culinary department. He hopes to continue his education at FIU’s Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Program.

Raul Tablada

This is Raul Tablada. He successfully completed the Here’s Help Residential Program last year and is now enrolled at Miami Dade College and works a full time job. Raul’s future plans are to attend the University of Florida’s Dental School program and to eventually become an Orthodontist like his father. We are very proud of him and excited for his bright future.


Jose successfully completes HH with NO bookings, clean UA’s. ServSafe Food Handlers Certification and acceptance into Job Corps. He is leaving Miami for The Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center. There he will pursue Security & Protective Services in his goal of entering the US Army and ultimately returning to South Florida and becoming a Policeman where he can help others avoid the lure of the criminogenic lifestyle.

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