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Residential Only



Studies have shown that clients whose motivation to change is enhanced by the development of vocational skills and goals and/or the learning and pursuit of creative endeavors such as art or music show higher rates of substance use recovery

Over the years, Here’s Help has adapted its treatment components to include innovative approaches that facilitate socialization, increase self-expression and self-esteem, while augmenting educational and vocational treatment objectives. The Alternative Therapies Program provides this exposure and motivation for those who are enrolled in the Residential Program only.


The alternative therapies program is composed of the following elements: Culinary Arts, Job Preparation, Computer Literacy, GED Preparation, Music Education, Graphic Design Education, Plumbing Education, and Photography. The programming offers students the opportunity to build job readiness capacity and social and leisure time use skills and also provides them exposure to new career options. For many, these first-time experiences will awaken an incomparable sense of pride in accomplishment and a new awareness of the power of invention.

The Culinary Arts Program includes hands-on culinary training, combining classroom with cooking experience in Here’s Help’s industrial kitchen. Individuals served learn the basics of cooking and baking. They progress through achievement steps, with tests assessing progress before moving to the program’s next level. Part of their schooling also includes obtaining the Servsafe and Food Handlers certifications.

Computer Literacy instruction provides a comprehensive overview of the internal and external devices associated with a computer, including input and output devices, operating systems (CPU, Memory, RAM, ROM), storage devices (floppy disk drive, Zip drive, hard drive, CD-ROM drive), internal and external modems, computer software/programs (Microsoft Suite), networks, the World Wide Web, Windows Explorer, and downloading and uploading files.

The Intensive GED Program is designed to reduce the amount of time necessary to prepare students for the GED by focusing instruction on essential GED skills. At the conclusion of the program the individuals served will take their GED tests at Miami Dade Community College.

Music Literacy Program include sessions on theory, voice enhancement activities, song writing, movement activities to strengthen physical coordination and a sense of rhythm, production techniques (recording and editing), as well as teaching musical notation and learning about musical instruments.  Participants learn the techniques and tools of professional artists while experiencing education, artistic exploration, job opportunities, and hands-on entrepreneurship.

Computer Graphics Program is designed to strengthen the participant’s digital literacy skills and prepare them to pursue a career in the information technology industry. The curriculum covers the basics of computer operations, such as effectively using a keyboard, mouse, Windows programs, etc. They will also learn writing skills to create a business letter, resumes, brochures, etc. In addition, they will learn the process of transferring computer designs onto other objects, specifically t-shirts and banners. These skills will enable students to find internships and jobs in the applicable field upon graduation.

Plumbing School began classes in August of 2023. The new program trains individuals served to excel in a well-paying profession that is in high demand and can provide stable employment post treatment. We expect 25 young adults per year to participate in the program.

Photography Program offers instruction on techniques that involve self-conducted and self-initiated photo-based activities, where a person or a group takes photos as a form of therapy. In such situations, there is no professional counselor or therapist working with the person in need of therapy. It is only the photos and the activity itself that provides the therapy, with the assistance and direction of the photography instructor. Photography allows for growth into the technology sector. Both film and digital photography requires elements of design, which easily cross over into the digital world. Digital editing teaches individuals served how to use computers and various software programs. Cameras, lighting and professional back-drops are part of the class. Individuals served learn the editing of photos on computer programs designed to enhance their work. Our class provides the technology for students to create, edit and enhance snapshots; transforming their pictures into a personal form of art, design and expression.

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